Canker Sore Drug As Weight-Loss Pill?

Canker Sore DrugCould it be that a canker sore drug is the answer to all our weight-loss problems?

One experiment conducted done on fat lab mice showed that the drug used for canker sores can speed up weight-loss process. It was proven effective on mice but a number of tests will have to be made to actually say that it can also be as effective on humans. This was according to Alan Saltiel of the University of Michigan’s Life Sciences Institute.

Saltiel said that the reason why some people fail at losing weight even if they’ve done their best to lower their food intake is because the body tends to adjust to it by slowing down the metabolism.

In the said experiment, the mice were either fed a high-fat diet or genetically modified for them to grow obese. Once they are, Saltiel’s team gave some of the subjects a prescription-only drug, Amlexanox which is used for treating canker sores. After some time, the mouse that was given a regular dosage of Amlexanox showed a great change in their weight.

Dr. Elif Oral, a professor in the University of Michigan’s Metabolism, Endocrine and Diabetes division, who’s one of those who have observed how the mice’s weight condition changed, will be supervising the upcoming trials to be made on humans to see if the same effect will happen.
They explained that the Amlexanox were able to inhibit the IKKE and TBK1 genes from doing their job. The two genes work together as a ‘break’ that puts the metabolism at rest for some period of time which stops the body’s calorie burning process. The Amlexanox sort of release that break so the body would have a faster metabolism and continued calorie burning process which means faster weight loss results.

This is the reason why the mice tend to become skinny within the experiment period.

Canker Sore Drug1According to Saltiel, in the same process that fats are eventually eliminated, the possibility of being healed from diabetes and fatty liver is also high at the same time that the inflammation also disappears.

Oral’s team has been seeking volunteers as they are about to make another clinical trial to test the canker sore drug’s effect on humans. The participant that they are looking for are obese people or those who have Type 2 diabetes who are willing to undergo this experimental weight-loss treatment. However, there will still be some evaluations that have to be made on those who want to participate in this experiment since they are looking for a specific body mass index and persons with abnormal glucose level for this experiment.

You have to remember, the test was effective on mice but have yet to be said as effective on humans. So, I guess we will just have to wait.