MAC Pressed Pigments Spring 2013 Collection

Fabulous textures and gorgeously pigmented makeup products are MAC Cosmetics‘ specialty and it seems that for the spring 2013 season MAC is focusing on sizzling shades as the brand’s Pressed Pigments makeup collection demonstrates. The eyes are the area which you can have the most fun with when it comes to sightly altering their shape and MAC’s Pressed Pigments makeup collection brings to women’s aid 12 new sizzling eyeshadow hues that feature an easy application formula with a high pearlized finish.

Because of the differences between daytime makeup and evening makeup MAC has focused on creating a formula that can be used on different occasions, from day to evening without switching the product, so for a subtle eye makeup look apply the pigment dry on the eyelid and your peepers will receive a translucent glistening tint while if you’re thinking of going for a high-drama look, apply the color wet and observe the high-gloss finish glamor that the eyeshadows can effortlessly deliver.

The spring 2013 season shows that brilliant accents brought by pastel and deep shades can help create a sultrier, fresher, more luminous and youthful vibe look, so get creative with your eye makeup using the following MAC Pressed Pigments ($21):
  • Blue Willow Light – icy blue
  • Sweet Acting – mid-tone pink
  • Amethyst – purple with silver undertone
  • Smoky – deep silver blue
  • Blonde Streak – light cream
  • Day Gleam – high pearl powder in NC30 shade
  • Enlightening – deep silver
  • Deeply Dashing – high pearl powder in NW55 shade
  • Jet Couture – charcoal black
  • Angelic – off white
  • Light Touch – high pearl powder in W10 shade
  • Flicker – pastel yellow
  • Makeup application can really make a difference especially when it comes to sculpting your eyes in the desired shape, thus it’s no surprise that MAC Cosmetics has included a must have makeup brush in this collection, the 215 Medium Shader brush ($25) which can turn your eyeshadow blending into a work of art, so mix and mash your fave shades and create a mesmerizing gaze every time you step out!

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