Not So Small A Kid After All

If only adults would think like a kid, then this world would be a better place to live in. This is how a kid named Katie Stagliano was able to make a difference with her little idea. It all started with her fondness with gardening that led to an opportunity of being able to help many people. Let us find out how one teens garden is feeding hundreds of hungry families.

This simple seventh grader did not see it coming at first. All she knew that time was that she’s joining a cabbage planting contest for her school. Of course this task did not seem to be a task at all because she loves gardening and planting as she also has some “salad garden” at home that she loves taking care of.

Amazingly, Katie won the contest with her 40 pound produce. But since that cabbage was so big, that even serving to her whole classmates would still mean much would be left, Katie had to think of a way to avoid her produce from going to waste and serve a more meaningful purpose. What a very smart kid!

Katie came to the idea of donating the vegetable to a shelter where it was able to feed many. And after that experience, Katie had realized how much more help they can give with this way. And Katie’s Krops was born, a non-profit organization that donates garden produce to homes and shelters.

Katie, starting with only a plot of land from the school, now manages six in her town in South Carolina. And with the growing members and awareness that her organization is imparting, they now have 11 more gardens in other states that were able to produce tons making it possible for them to donate even more to homes, soup kitchens, and families that are in need.

Katie’s Krops are now gaining its popularity with the inspiration that they were able to give many. Their story will be featured on Everyday Health on ABC which will be aired on October 1 and 2. Now everyone would know that some small idea may not be so small, after all.