Overweight? Those Extra Pounds Could Harm Your Back

OverweightAre you having back pains? These past few years, it has been noted that a lot of obese individuals are having problems with their back. What might be the rationale behind this? Those extra pounds could harm your back. A lot of research has been conducted and we will deal with it as we go along with this post. Let the learning journey begins.

Lumbar spine disc degeneration, this has been the problem that a lot of overweight individuals are dealing with. And the research had shown that this is also the reason why a lot of them are suffering from back pains.

How does the disc degeneration happen? Since the weight of the individual gets higher, the disc is loaded with more mass which greatly affects the degeneration. The unwanted increase in loads of the disc results to back spasm.

Overweight1What may be the results of this kind of illness? Reduced quality life, decreased mobility and defect on physical and mental health are just three of the effects that you might get when you feel back pains. This may be caused by the fact that the body can no longer carry the excessive weight of the body. Actually, the ideal weight is taken through the Body mass index (BMI). When your weight is not in congruence with the ideal BMI, then back pain will be a normal thing for you.

According to the tests, persons dealing with lumbar spine disc degeneration are normally the male. And obviously, the older ones are more prone to this illness as compared to the younger ones.

Lose weight and get slimmer! This is the only way for you to avoid the back pain. Well, this is a very good thing, isn’t? You will not only avoid the back pain, you will get physically fit as well.