Rob Pruitt for Jimmy Choo 2012 Capsule Collection

The Jimmy Choo label teamed up with contemporary artist Rob Pruitt for a fun capsule collection that will instantly capture attention. The new offerings are designed with statement making in mind, a characteristic that becomes obvious from the very beginning. With a bunch of animal prints, fun glitter and lace, the new accessories are bold and girly and represent a fantasy came true.

Robert Pruitt stated: “When buying an expensive pair of shoes, I think there’s a certain amount of role-playing fantasy that goes along with the ritual and I wanted to play up that idea. Which I did literally with the angel and devil panta motif.” Why panda, you may ask- The artist goes further to explain that: “the panda is the international symbol that reminds us both to tread lightly and appreciate the adorable”.

The use of glitter is by no means random and also carries a hope: “I use glitter in my artwork in hopes that the viewer will experience the same magnetism towards my artwork as birds and bees experience towards flowers.” As one might guess, the angel and devil panda minaudi

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