The Healthy Foods For A Healthy Heart


Replace two meals a day with a Herbalife shake or meal bar, have a snack, drink plenty of water and enjoy one calorie counted ‘real’ food meal. Keen to find out more? Visit our website today and discover how you can benefit from improving your nutrition, energy and fitness.

Gaining weight is easy, but losing it could be a herculean task. If you have the determination and the will power, then losing weight is not a mission impossible. Before you start on any exercise and diet plan to reduce weight, you need to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and also the calories required for your daily activities. Note down the various types of foods that you intake to keep track of the calories. For instance, if you eat food that is low in calories, you are sure to lose weight. We look at some Exercise Tips that will be useful in losing weight.

Sound hard? There is a way to reach your peak physical condition thereby starting your journey to well-being with out feeling hungry, deprived or tired.

Even everyday stressors like traffic jams and packed schedules can cause the release of these chemicals. It is this release of chemicals that, when it happens on a regular basis, can put you at risk for Health problems. During the “fight or flight” response, your blood pressure and glucose levels go up. When stress is a constant presence in your life, this alarm system remains activated, exposing you to high levels of cortisol and adrenaline over time. This increases your risk for health problems including heart disease, digestive problems, obesity, skin problems, and depression.

If you take into consideration all the above activities there is one thing common to all. A constant rhythmic movement without a single break in movement right from the start of exercising till you stop. Neither are these exercises fast, nor do they require you to strain yourself. They are all exercises of slow to medium intensity that increase your heart-rate to a constant higher yet comfortable level.

Fitness is very important for the proper functioning of all body parts and systems. The 5 components of physical fitness are cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition. So, what does body composition mean? It is used to describe the percentages of bone, fat and muscle mass in the body. The muscles in the body take less space in our body compared to the fat tissue, our composition helps to determine our weight and leanness. So, it is possible that two people with same body weight and height look completely different from each other.

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